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Fact or Fiction?
By: Millie Gonzalez
Were we ever allowed to watch TV at any time during school hours at Brentwood High? I remember experiencing this most wonderful event while attending there in 1956. Over the years, especially knowing the magnitude of the history making event, I have wondered if this in fact really happened, or did I have a 'false memory'. The event was, Don Larsen's pitching of a perfect game during the World Series in 1956.

I remember being in this huge room with lots of windows. Was it the School Library, Study Hall, Teachers and Staff Meeting Room? I just know that a bunch of us students were there watching the game (black and white TV) and all the emotion building up as Don Larsen pitched each inning. When he hurled that last pitch for a strike out, the thrill of it was so big, that I still get chills when I think about it. We were all jumping around and screaming with delight, even the Teachers were in on it. Obviously everyone there was a Yankee fan. I was for sure.

I was 15 years old at that time and it didn't take a whole lot to impress me or give me a thrill, especially since I was so sheltered at home. Going to school and being with friends was about as good as it got for me in those days. So you can imagine the special meaning this held for me all this time. I wonder sometimes, if during the time you try to erase sad memories you also erase good memories . I wonder too, if you pick up a few 'false' memories.

Does anyone here remember this event? Maybe your Parents remember it.