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Flirty Teachers
By: Debbie Feraca
I remember when Debbie O'Reilly and I were JV baseball managers in 10th grade. Mr. Melo (Science teacher) was the coach. I swear he spent more time flirting with us on the bench than coaching the guys! The team would have practice in the a.m. because we were on split session and didn't have to be in school till 12:45 or so. Debbie and I would get to school and walk up to the fields each morning. He'd see us coming (I swear he'd be waiting for us) and would make a beeline to where we were sitting. We'd hang out and b.s. with him, even making fun of some of the other teachers. He'd laugh so hard he cried! We sort of learned how to "manage" but I think we were really there to just have fun with ALL OF THOSE GUYS! And while I'm sure Mr. Melo was serious about his coaching, I think he also had fun with us girls!