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Security does it's job...almost
By: Kenneth Gubelman
Remember the parking nightmare...We weren't allowed to park in the school parking lot but were perfectly welcome at the recreation center. this did not sit well with me. So after watching the steady stream of cars pass by the security booth each morning I noticed only one differance between them and me....The coveted FACULTY sign that afforded the entering vehicle parking bliss!!! Now, I could have lifted one from a random car in the lot...but what if it was the principals car or some other higher up??? to dangerous!! If I got caught I'd be in deep shit at home, so I would have to watch the cars in the lot from class to see who owns what. This idea was quickly dropped, It would take to long. Idea no#2 make a copy of the sign, now this was entirely possible, machanical drawing!! what a handy class to have...Each day on my WALK out of the school lot I would stop by a car with a FACULTY sign take a small ruler out and take vital mesurements for my work in progress...matching that blue took a few tries but I got it close..took about a week. When it was finished on to the dash it went and the next day I was greeted with a smile and a friendly wave in!!! It worked like a charm!! and kept on working through snow, sleet, rain or shine. Then disaster struck two days before the end of school I was sitting in science class think it was Mr. Acosta's class anyhow I'm sitting there looking out the windows when I notice a security car pull up behind my car , the guard gets out and walks directly to my FACULTY sign looks it over then walks away...I think all the blood drained out of my head and then panic set in. I got up went over to the teacher told him I didn't feel well and that I needed to go to the nurses office he looked at me, said Hmmm you don't look well at all go ahead! Now all I'm thinking at this point is they are going to tow my car away!!!I have to get it out of there now!! Out to the parking lot and over to my car I go. as I get closer I see that the rear tire is flat ( which by the way was what caught the attention of officer Columbo) so I unlock the door ditch the sign under the seat and go for the spare in the trunk. I had to work fast before the guard returns to point out my car to the tow truck. Oh no, what else can go wrong here...the spare is soft!!! and up drives the guard he gets out walks over to the winsheild looking for the sign, he says were is it? I say what? You know what, your little work of art. I say I don't know what you are talking about. He looks at me with disgust and says, the dean wants to see you, right now! I say, I'm sick I'm going home I'll stop in to see him in the morning, he shakes his head and walks back to his car and drives off. Whew! I changed the flat and drive off on a soft spare. Now on the way home I start to feel relief, I am still driving my car!! Then Oh no what if they have called home and told my Mom the whole story. Now I'm sweating bullets I'm dead as soon as I get home! I pull up at home go inside, Mom says your home early, anything feeling a little sick, did the school call? No, why she asks? Oh nothin' thought that the Nurse would call or something. I go up to my room to lay down!!I cringed every time the phone rang that day till about 5 pm then I had to figure out what to tell dean Lochacote (don't remember how it's spelled) in the morning. Last day. I go directly to the front office Frank is there and waves me into Rosenthals office, sit down Ken. He shut the door, sits down completely expressionless then says well, I gotta hand it to you that was a pretty good scam BUT forgery IS illegal you know, they throw people in jail for this kind of stuff! under normal conditions an antic like this would get you suspended for a week but being today is the last day of school I guess you get off easy. I sit there thinking No, the other shoe has got to drop....but no nothing happened. he says, ok get out of here! On my way out he says Hey! what did you do with the sign? Oh, I destroyed it. Good idea he replied Oh, say hello to your Dad for me ok. Um....ok I say see ya' and that was that. I had to walk to the rec. center that day but it was ok I was still driving my chevy!! Dean Lochacote was a good guy!!