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Anne Eaton
By: Rosalind Montalvo
Anne and I were like sister's we did everything together.Even to have our mom's make us the same clothes..We used to skip school and go hang out in Bayshore on union Blvd.And be back home by the time school let out.But for some reason we got away with it for a long time and then got caught.
I remember when I stoled my mom's car and went out with my friends and when
my mom got out of work her car wasn't there.Boy did I get grounded for
that..When I turned 16 I had a big party,Henry Torres was there of course
Anne ,Mary McNeil,Ginny she was very short,Sandy Torres,..The dress style
then in 1966 was empire dresses.All the good days of Bayshore roller rink
Hanging out with Michelle McCoy at the Islip Bowl and by City hall the
park.At that time Anne's parents put her away she was pregent,and we lost contact for awhile..They gave up her baby and she never returned to school.
Last time I saw Anne Eaton she was with a man named Petey he came from
Staten Island,we still hung out,at that timeWell down the road her parents were selling there home in Bayshore,and moveing to AZ. Boy do I miss you Anne.