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Kevin Cahill Of Course!
By: Valerie Diamond
My best friend Elizabeth Tracy Eubanks and I used to spend a lot of time in her parents antique store called Horseshoe Bend Antiques in Bayshore on Main Street. Right next door was the Ebb Tide restaurant where my brother used to reherse with his group called The Phantom of The Opera. Kevin Cahill was the lead singer and his brother Terry was in the band as well. We used to stay there and listen for hours. I wonder if Kevin had to eventually seek therapy because I chased him everywhere and drove him nuts. Sorry, Kevin! I hope you were able to get over me, Kevin. Back then I probably was one of your worst nightmares, but hope you still remember me!!!!! You did have a tremendous amount of talent in singing and the theater, so wherever you are today I sincerely hope that you stayed with the arts and entertainment field and followed your dream to be a huge success!!!!!! You were a shy kid with a heart of gold and OH MY GAWD.... I still remember your address and phone number. AND your middle name and birthdate. And your NEIGHBOR Gary S!!!!! TOO DAMN FUNNY..................