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Mustang Sally
By: Billy Birdsall
well-it goes like this-for the first time-i talked mom into letting me take her classic-showroom condition 67 mustang to school...she had let me use it up till then every so often, but once racing joanne grunauers mustang-i blew the rear-so that was that fer a while.anyway-we -being tom kramer, bones,wayne bauer ,tony verde and i,decide to cut out of school-(verde was older) dorothea being the sister,anyway-we cut out-get some beers and start cruisin,well--we somehow end up in the 'pines' up in smithtown, and after enuff beers, had to let some we all pile outta the car-in park-facing up a hill--when tony knocks it into nuetral,well--yep, the car starts heading down the hill with the doors open,veers off da road, thru the woods,where the trees ripppp off da doors fenders and THAT one was hard to explain and i dont remember mom lending me that car again, anyway--who would want it..jeeez....sorry mom, i really didnt come outta the bowling alley and find it that way....