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Bus Ride To B.O.C.E.S.
By: Hank McComb
I remember one day going out to B.O.C.E.S. in Oakdale and a few people were smoking on the bus. The bus driver hollers to the back of the bus to put the butts out. Of course being defiant 11th & 12th graders that we were.We ignored her. Then she pulled over on sunrise hwy right at the old Billy Blakes that USED to be on the corner of(I think) carlton & sunrise or 111 & sunrise. which ever. We waited a few minutes. Nothing happened. She said she was turning the bus around and heading back to the school. Weel a few cross streets go buy and then all of a sudden some one who will remain nameless hollers out "HEY LADY I THOUGHT YOU WERE TURNING AROUND" Next thing you knew she was whiipping the bus around and back to the high school we go.We got back she pulled up to the front opened the bus door and told us to go inside and go in the office. But instead we all walked in front of the bus and proceeded to walk out the gate. Me and a few of my freinds walked to McDonalds and got breakfast.we saw my brother in law and got a ride home.