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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Ray Henry (unknown)
--Laura Bachmann (10/28/01)
--Michael Calabrese (oct 2 2008)
Unfortunatly drugs took over his life and finally took it . I wish we were closer but he went in his own direction. I will still miss him forever. Always your brother James
--Frederick Carlson (1982)
Rest in Peace, miss you lots, love you always!
--James Credidio
Dad, I miss you so much, it will never be the same without you. You are the best Father Husband and Friend anybody can ask for. I will make you proud. Love and miss you! Your Jessie Girl...
--JOHN DeVITO (8/11/85)
--Nancy Hawkins (1977)
--Mary A. Lamantia (5-15-07)
In Loving Memory: Mary A. Lamantia You are and will continue to be missed. God loved you so much he took you from me. I pray your laughing and having a good ol' time up there in heaven. You now have your wings, Ma. I Love You! Stephen
--Patty Mead ( 07/30/2008)
Patty I will miss you so much that it really hurt to write this I hope you and mike are togeter with your dad and mom and my dad and grandparents and all that love you. You will be miss so so much
--Don Pietsch
it was a long time ago,,,,but still remember you.,,,could make 'music' from a broken radio.
--Richy Rank
--Joseph Santamaria
to my cousin.s joseph santamaria , and tommy zapatti and anthony . rest in pease we miss you all so much vito rizzo
--Dion Sexton
--Shelby Ware (4/15/06)

--Buddy Marsello (march 2008)
buddy passed away in he sleep. good guy know he is in gods hands (no better)
--William McKenna (09/16/95)
Gone, but not forgotten by those who knew and loved him. Your Sister Phyllis
--Beverly Renk (2003)
Bev and I moved to Brentwood the same year in 1956. We lived on Rutledge Street took the bus to schol together and were nerdy pedelling our bikes to town. Such fun. She and I were close back and we reconnected on Classmates and i got to talk with her on the phone and we shared emailes a lot before she died. She was my first friend in s brand new school and a brand new town. It made it not so scarey. Heres to you Bev....

--Peg DiSalvo (2010)
Peg and I were noew to Brentwood back in 56 and also new to Brentwood High. she was a wonderful funny person . We used to hang around together and walk all those new streets in North Brentwood

--Felix Caban (June 21, 2010)
--George Fritz (march 6, 2012)
my twin brother george passed away on march 6, 2012 of cancer. he was a teacher for over thirty years in Levittown, NY . He was a 1962 graduate who was married and had two children.. Thanks for remembering. Joe Fritz Class of 1962 Ross Bldg
--Geraldine A(.Jaege Meehan Gerry (4-2002)
May she rest in peace

--Daniel Alejandro (Dec.25, 2005)
--Elizabeth Cazaurang
Known to all her friends as Bonnie. We will surely miss her
--Lois Palmedo (2008)
--John Pietsch (april 26 2009)
Johnny died out in Las Vegas after enduring MS for over twenty years,He is very much missed by all His family

--Gary Guasp (May 5, 1968)
While serving as a Second Lieutenant with the Army, Gary was killed in Vietnam.
--Edward La Barr (July 29, 1967)
Ed died during a tragic accident on the aircraft carrier he was serving on off the coast of Vietnam. Always a fun guy in school. RIP

--Eileen DiMuro (1970)
Succumbed to breast cancer
--Nicholas Fritz (March, 1968)
Killed in action, Vietnam
--Daniel Hommel (May 25, 1968)
Killed in action, Vietnam
--Doreen Kunkel (1966)
Died from injuries received in a motocycle accident
--Frank Sardina (Feb. 28, 1968)
Killed in battle, Vietnam
--James Seidensticker (January 1968)
Killed in action, Vietnam

1965 or 1966
--Elsa Celli (2000)
Elsa died of lung cancer may she rest in peace

--Tony Andreoli (05-15-08)
Lived in Spring Hill, Florida. Died of cancer. Survived by wife Andrea & daughter Tony Ann Will be missed by us all
--Peter Colicchio (Feb. 15, 1968)
Killed in action, Vietnam

--Virginia Grimston (2010)
--Debbie Pryzemski (10-79)

--Sunny Byers (3/27/70)
wish you had been with me, miss you
--Connie Jerue-Gall (3/22/2009)
Gone too soon,But your memories will live in my heart forever!God Bless You!No one can ever replace you!Your sister Marilyn
--Susan Kelly (7/18/07)
My sister Susan just recently died from lung cancer. She is survived by two sons and a grand-daughter.
--Nancy Portel
--William Vollmer (1985)
--Wayne Wolffe
My first love, you were crasy and fun, you're missed.God
--Vincent Zanfini (1992)

--Richard Childs (12-29-1972)
always remembered brother
--Kenneth Collins
Died young of hodgkins disease.
--James Credidio (November 28, 2006)
Until we meet again, I love you
--James 'Jimbo' Imbriano (November 27, 2006)
Wonderful father to James, Aaron, Noah and Joshua. Died at 56 years old. Married to Randi Perno Imbriano.
--Mike Martin
We still miss you, Mike. Keep on smilin'....
--Bill McCarthy (2011)
--Joey Santamaria
gone too soon...
--Stephan Scheer (03/05/13)
--Donald Schrouder (1985)
my 1st young luv
--Christine Smith
I miss you so much, you were my best friend.
--Jim Spencer (11/12/2011)
--James Spencer (11-12-2011)
--Patricia Spencer
My best friend always. I miss you so very much. K. Clarke
--Russ Termini (july 23,1991)
miss you...
--Janice Testa (12-29-1972)
always remembered
--Paula Wood (2002)
i miss you Paula, you were crazy and good.
--James Yandalino (12-29-1972)
always remembered

--Felicia Tulips no (2011)

--Tom Baldwin
--Jeff Baudanza (2006)
--Pamela Bollbach (1989)
--Robert P. Brown (1971)
--Robert Brown (1999)
You are missed. Always in our hearts. Rest in Peace.
--Joseph Caminati (2011)
Joe died suddenly of a massive heart attack.
--William Caputo (2012)
--Barbara A. Cavanaugh (Sept. 9 , 1977)
She couldn't live without her dad who was killed by a 16 yr old DWI!
--Thaddeus (Teddy) Chrostowski (3/3/2006)
--Joseph DiMola
--Patricia Earle
--June Enright
--Irene Genes (December 2007)
You are missed Irene
--Joanne Giaramita
--Sharon Hewlett
--Ray Hoey
Miss you brother Love Susan
--Joseph Marquez (1971)
--Jonas Marrow
--Dennis McCleave (February 1, 2011)
--Gerald 'Butch' McKenna (12/17/03)
He dedicated his life to serving law enforcement and protected the people of Oklahoma City. He will never be forgotten by those he served and saved. Survived by two sons and a loving wife.
--Michael Montalbano
--John Morelli
--Brian Mulhern
--Davis Nyberg
--Theresa Puleo
--Nancy Roth
--John Russo
Now John you and Irene can be together again. Miss you both, think about you both often.
--Barry Stinson
--Philip Vitelli (1987)
--Vincent Zagari
--Thomas Zappetti

--George Allen
--Joseph Barba
--Lucy Batton
--John Bonucci (December 8, 2009)
Can't believe you're gone!
--Donald Brooks
--Thomas (Tommy) Burns (6/7/2008)
--Walter Campbell (08/03/1980)
--Diane Carroll
--Doris Cooper
--Jimmy (Vinny) Di Liddo (March..2005)
Gone, but never forgotten...We Love You.... Rest In Peace My Friend...
--John Durant (8 May 2001)
Teacher & Coach
--Bruce Enright (2008)
miss you..
--James Fleming
--Joan Fox (2009)
After 37 years we finally reconnected and now you are gone. I am so sorry for all that lost time. I was so looking forward to seeing you again. Your Friend Always 2/10/09
--Donna Grant (2010)
--Tom Harris (unknown)
What a long strange trip it was
--Robert Hayes
--Mike Howe (2001)
--Denise Ingerito
--Constance Jarrett
--David Larachi
--Peter Maritato (20 September 1993)
--Matthew McCarthy (June 1981)
--Maureen McCarthy
--Sue McComb (2/2/03)
I will miss you forever
--Sue (Spadafore) McComb (Feb.5,2003)
Sue i can not believe this has happened but after six years Frank has now joined you in eternity. I will miss the both of you for the rest of my natural life. Take care enjoy each other once again
--Michael Mehnert
--Ronnie Mofsie
--Anthony Pancotto (MAY 9, 2005)
--Cynthia Papayanis-Farrell
--George Parderlikes (1980)
It still feels like yesterday to me since you passed away.The hurt never goes away but I thank god for the time we had together .He was the apple of my eye. sister Mona
--Frank Perrotti (8 May 2010)
--April Principio (January 3, 1989)
Murdered by her ex-husband
--Izzy Rivera
--Denise Santoro (2009)
--Adele Shalkowitz
--Maureen Shields (5\3\04)
--Joseph Simes (1994)
--David Solomon
--Lorna Thomas
--David Wilson (1986)
someone who was loved and loved many we miss him
--Anita Zavardino (July 30, 2004)
I'm sorry we lost the last 20 years and I couldn't be there to help in the end.

--Fredrick Andrews
--Peter Bauer (????)
To one of the best, R.I.P.
--Debi Curry (2011)
--Annmarie Elliott
--Douglas Faines (2007)
--Ronald Fitzpatrick (9/21/06)
Ron, you are missed.
--Frank Flareau (1977)
the best brother friend and person I ever knew . he will shurley earn his wings . love you and dearly mis you. jimmy
--Karolle Heinlein (1989)
--Duncan Hutchins
--Michael Jackson (2007)
--Joseph Mauro (1987)
Joe, it's going on 21 years since you passed. Miss you, love Dorian
--John McCarthy (1978)
--Clifton McComb (10/2/95)
I will miss you forever
--Vinny Murphy
--Donald Pietsch (2003)
My Brother Don,Cancer took him away too soon,alwys had a smile ,Will always be remembered with one.
--Charles Propper (1986)
wish u were here,miss u
--Michael Schulze (1993)
A dear friend, and one of the most artistic, and funniest fellows ever known.
--Thomas Sharkey (1989)
--Barbara Tower (Doney) (March, 2007)
Moved while in high school, but always proud to be a Brentwood girl at heart.
--Perry Vaccarro (2008)
to somebody that just seemed to make the world smile.i love and miss you danny mussman
--Warren Wilkins (1993)
My big brother. So much fun - I miss you everyday.

--Debra Bray (September, 2010)

--Michael J Birdsall
You're missed every day
--James Stewart (Jimi) Fitzpatrick
Jimi lived his entire life in Brentwood, his many last years happily w/ his wife Virginia Curto Fitzpatrick.
--Ronald Galicki (1997)
Artistic and creative. He passed too soon yet he is happy where he is in heaven.
--John Goodman (1992)
Car crash
--Barbara Hoey (9/1990)
my friend
--Valerie Ialacci (1975)
Forever in our hearts!!
--Kathy Kaszeta (2009)
Kathy you were such a beautiful person. So sorry to learn of your passing.
--Kevin Kelly (2009)
My brother Kevin passed away in 2009. We grew up in Brentwood.
--Patti Russo (1995)
Lost her battle with Breast Cancer
--Linda Schultz (4/13/85)
linda schultz was my best friend Grace (thompson) biagini
--Tommy Sharkey (1989)
funny, loved life and touched so many lives life has not been the same without you. you would be so proud of your 3 kids and 4 grandkids . you are so missed and loved
--Joe Testa (March 1979)
Forever in my heart.....

--Nancy Campbell (04-19-1998)

--Laura Bachmann (October 28 2001)
died suddenly in a Car accident~RIP~Laura
--George Bashuck
--Kenny Bauer (June 4, 2011)
Miss your humor.
--Brian Gifford
--Cindy Lanquist
Sorely missed and never forgotten.
--Marie Murphy
--Glenn Nelson (1982)
we miss you and think about you daphne and debbie..
--Donna Schwarz (2004)
you will be missed each day
--Betty Ann Seise (2008)
--Dion Sexton (?)
Dion was the sweetest, most artistically creative guy. He had dark hair and the most stunning sapphire blues eyes. He made me a homemade birthday card that he painted with a poem for my 18th birthday. He was a beautiful, gentle soul. Love and Light, Glorya
--Nancy Sillick
--Kevin Swanton (10/24/2007)
Loving brother, greatest friend and uncle. Kevin moved to California in 1995 and will be sadly missed everyday. Forever in our hearts.
--Stuart Weinman (2010)

--Eddie Scott

--Lorenzo Blue (1979)
Lorenzo died in a car accident, I believe on Brentwood Rd. He was a blast to have in homeroom, he always started the day off with a laugh and smile! Miss you!
--Irene Bocca
--John Calixto
--Gerard Evans (2013)
Suddenly with his beloved dog in a house fire
--Diane Feraca (May 1, 1997)
--Harry Fogarty (2010)
Harry is sorely missed and passed away from lung cancer back in September 2010.....
--Patricia Gemellaro (12/26/2010)
My friend since the age of 12, lost to cancer taking a beautiful soul, best friend, wonderful & devoted mother to Danielle Gemellaro, James Camp and Erin Camp. Rest in peace. You will be missed forever.
--Bob Gregory (2007)
--James Hilland (2005)
Heart attack at 46. You will be missed by all who knew and loved you
--Nunzio Liberti (2008)
Nunzio passed away due to a blood clot after he hadsurgery for a broken ankle. He leaves behind a wife and daughter. You will be missed, party on dude, I love you!
--Micheal Light (May 13 2006)
mike i heard they gave you a wonderful sendoff you will be missed by all who knew you now or in the past
--Ricky Montalvo (2005)
"The Bro" passed away in 2005 from cancer. He is sorely missed......
--Debra Stewart
--Billy Tergesen (1975)

1976 or 77
--Paul Hooten (may 15 2008 )
paul lived in ga and he had a family he been with his wife donna for almost 30 yrs he died from a number of brain tumours and he was strong to the end

--Norma Allen (2002)
--James Baldwin (5/07)
You will be missed
--Keith Dealey (2006)
It breaks my heart to know that I will never see you again
--John Devine (2005)
--Michael Devine (2006)
--Gasper Grasso (Jan 2013)
Childhood friend from the Laurie Road block in Brentwood. Many years later we hooked up and got caught up but life made it difficult to stay in touch. Gasper is one guy I'll always remember from the late 60s, early 70s. God Bless Gasper and his family: Jeryle and Amy Grasso. Your friend Robert Leombruno Cresson, Texas
--Guy Hall
kind, sweet person, taken away from us too soon.He will forever be missed.
--Guy Hall
kind, sweet person, taken away from us too soon.He will forever be missed.
--Paul Hooten (may 15 2008)
paul was a good husband dad and brother in law and a friend and his early demise was from brain tumours he will be sorely missed
--Lenny Lamb (6/5/07)
Motorcycle accident - You will be missed
--Kenneth Magee (1980)
Rest in peace
--Rosemarie Maier
--Robert Mandella (2007)
--Patty Mead (2008)
Patty Light(mead) passed away on wednesday July 30 after a long iilness she left behind three sons and will be missed vey much by all that knew her she is now with my brother mike and her parents and having a great time
--John Murphy
--Deborah Patrick (12/6/05)
Heart failure - You will be missed
--Martin Salay (2004)
Marty was a Giving Individual who never asked for anything in return.
--Kookie Salgado (2005)
We will always remember you....
--Victor Schulze (6/9/07)
You will be missed
--Diane Smith
You will be missed
--Willam Smollins (2007)
--Robert Wickes

--Lori Titus Alessi (2009)
you are missed
--Anthony Alvarez
--John Armstrong
--Maria Asch
--Richard Barsalona
--James Bauer (2009)
--Marie Bonavise
--Robert Carney (1978)
--Donna Caruso (2005)
--Perry Confessore
--Patricia Costello (1986)
Patty Costello lived on Vermont Avenue, in Bayshore, right off Brentwood Road. I knew her since we were in Mrs. Berkins kindergarten class together, in 1965. Sadly, she was found murdered, at Hechsher State Park, in 1986.
--Joe (Anthony) DePinto (12/10/2004)
A Great Brother, Missed everyday.
--Kathleen Faulkner
--Joe Giacinto (12-27-77)
Never forgotten.
--Joseph Grabowski (January 2008)
Joey Grabowski from North Brentwood died of throat cancer in January 2008.
--Joseph (Joey) Grabowski (January 2008)
I spoke with his sister-in-law last week and she informed me that Joey passed away from throat cancer. He is survived by his wife and son.
--Maryjane Harris (2006)
--Cynthia Herman
--Maria Jiminez (1990)
--Donna Jockers (March 26, 2007)
--Thomas LaScala
--John Marino (2007)
--Anthony Matteo (2003?)
You were loved
--Linda Mokros
--John Niemas
--Benny Pernice
--LeeAnn Repalone (4-2-02)
You will be missed!
--Randy Rodriguez
--Gerard Schanz (12/31/2004)
He was the kindest and most loving brother and uncle. He left our family at the young age of 44 and we miss him so much.
--Joel Stern

--Duval Andrews (2007)
--Antonio (Tony) Atiles (10/31/04)
Beloved friend, father, husband and grandfather.
--Grace Cavanaugh (September 1999)
--Aser De Leon (July 5, 2005)
I truly miss my brother he was stone to in keeping our family togeather he is miss dearly, Love you Aser.
--Kathleen Donohue (sept 25 2007)
another good person gone young and not needing an tragic accident she will be missed
--Andrew Eaton
--Debbie Gill (2006)
after 11 long months of suffering with cancer, my sister passed on 08/16/06 in Denver, CO.
--Geraldine (Dee Dee) Goodman
--Frank Latessa (1980?)
Frank died shortly after graduation. He should be mentioned here and not forgotten.
--Edith McComb (8/25/00)
I will miss you forever
--Nancy Mckay (?)
She was a good friend since kidergarden

1979 or 80
--Robert Gaitan (2007)
Bobby was my friend,,he lived in Vegas when he passed. I miss him,,

--Karen 'Kim' Evenson (2011)
Vibrant and Beloved friend to many. Passed suddenly in January leaving her beautiful young son,family and friends to mourn her. Miss you each day and love you forever my friend and sister of the heart.
--Regina Guagliata (9-5-2004)
The big C got you, but don't worry, my daughter is visited by the many butterflies you send to her as you said you would. So glad you are at peace now.
--Kevin McKeever (??)
So sorry for the Family. Kevin was so much fun and a great classmate.
--James Perhauch
--Rosie Viola (2005)
rosie you will be missed and the loving memories we all have for you will live on forever

1980 from M-T
--Regina Guagliata (9-5-2004)
The big "C" engulfed you, but you broke free, little butterfly, and we see you in every tree. To the best aunt my daughter ever had!!!

--Louie Baron
--Rich Fasano ( Faz ) (10/21/2007)
We love you and miss you... You will never be forgotten...
--Donald Leahy (11-5-85)
--Chris Pepe (january 2004)
Chris was a great person He was funny, loving,and my very special brother. We miss him terribly. From his sister Leslie.
--Caroline Schiller (1988)
--Michael Waye (9-11-2001)

--Remy Phillips

--Louis Antra
--Kim Booth ( )
Gone but not forgotten
--James Christ
Taken too soon
--Robert Gavin (JUNE 21, 2003)
--Josephine Grupinski (2003)
--Glenn Jerue (1988)
Suddenly on 2/7/88 died of a brain aneurysm .We miss you everyday,your always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.Keep four wheeling in heaven,til we meet again,I love you Glenn,your sister Marilyn
--Bernie Lynch (2007)
--Stephen Niemas (2009)
RIP "Nemo" U will be missed Forever cool Love Ya..never forget ya...
--Joseph Romagnola (9/11/01)

--Paul Castillano (1983)
--Pamela Janowitz (April 2008)
My little sister Pam passed in her sleep. Rest in peace sis - you are free. You will be missed. Charlie
--Richard Pasquale (1983)
Car crash took Richards young life.

--Nick Cusumano (2000)
--Darren Illare (8/14/85)
You are missed!
--Doreen Ryder (08/06)

--Lisa Boer (2=17=2009)
bobbi we love and miss you everyday...we know you are with daddy..until we meet your sisters Gina and aimee
--Matthew Costello (2010)
--Warren Herman (January 2007)
I think of you often... Wishing you a happy birthday on 7/25! -Diane

--Paul Centano
We had some great will never be forgotten. Miss you.........from denise
--Bobby Cusumano (1990)
--Robert Gonzalez (2009)
Rest in Peace brother
--Chris O'Connor (2009)
--David Schiavo
heart infection
--Paul Spampinato (near 2000)
pilot in small plane crash
--Jenna Vitale (1987)
Always in my prayers

--Sandra Mathys (1991)

--Arena Johnson (july 2010)
my baby sister.. went to be by her Fathers side.. we love and miss you arena.. R.I.P till we meet again
--Tammy Verity
--Lois Weiber (3/10)
i will miss you everyday i love you my best buddy....

--William Kolb (2011) will be missed...
--Keith Orlando (03/26/2006)
I was married to Keith. We miss and love you dearly my angel!
--Edgar Eugene Phipps (6/12/2006)
You were my hero and always will be. I always wanted to be like you. You are the best big brother in the world. I am lost without you. Why did you have to go so soon. Mom and I can barely go on. I love you. Forever. Your sister....Tishy
--Edgar Phipps (June 12, 2006)
You always watched out for me & Tishy (and everyone else). Now you are our forever angel. Rest in Peace Junior. You will NEVER be forgotten. We love you!!
--Carina Villegas

--Patrick Tierney (2011)
A great friend, you will be missed by all from christopher Paladino, Dennis Rice, Paul Kriegsman

--Henri R. Ferrer B.H.S ( white side ) (1992)
I remember you still. close friend indeed. we were a team, created a world that was perfect yet unbalanced with personal fault. you were taken from the few who loved you. I still love you. Subaru and Transformers, 40oz, cookies,minimum wage, cheap sneakers, and a decent breakdancer. Take care and brush that messy hair. later. "the porch"
--Troy Bischoff
--James Civelli
Great friend
--Vincent Yovino

--Jennifer Courtney (6/16/2000)
Jennifer Courtney was one of my best friends, she passed away from Cancer, I miss her dearly. Your Friend Forever, Jessica Credidio
--Melissa Holke
--Sean Andre Perkins (04/24/2006)
A very warm and loving person who strove to share his gifts and talents with the world. Always kind to others and rarely ever a problem. Just needed help in learning math and finding balance in life. Most everyone that knew Sean knew him as a passionate flirt who enjoyed positive attention from his peers and he cared very much to find peace in life.

--Kristina Basile (March 15, 2007)
Victim of an unsolved Homicide. RIP

--Ernesto Alicea (nov 12 1999)
You. Are verry missed chino

--Angel Garcia (6/26/2006)
He left a beautiful child behind and he will always be in our hearts **

--Stephen Cannan Milliner (Ross High School) (1/11/2013)
We never know what God has in his plans for us. We will miss you Cannan very much!!! Your kids have you as their angel above.

2002 ?
--Starlin Jiminez (5/5/2010)
Motorcycle accident

--Sean T. Blouin (January 8th, 2007)
Sean T. Blouin, 22, of 11 Gray Street , Brentwood, was riding his 1991 Honda CBR-600-F2 motorcycle eastbound on Route 27 in Bay Shore at about 9:34 p.m., on Tuesday, January 8, 2007. He lost control and was thrown from the motorcycle.
--Paul F. Hawkes, Jr (March 17th, 2007)
Paul Hawkes' was a United States Air Force security expert whom served the United States of America by fighting with confidence in Iraw for nine long months. Paul Hawkes made it home safely to his home in Bay Shore, New York. However, after being home for a mere two weeks Paul Hawkes was Long Island Soldiers Still Gives, Even After Death hurt in a freak accident that stunned everyone around him. Paul Hawkes, despite guarding bases for the United States of America for nine months and risking being hit by bullets and other explosives, fell down a flight of stairs leaving him brain dead, which was confirmed by doctors. Doctors told Hawkes family that he would never regain consciousness from the freak accident, and the family granted Hawkes wish by pulling the plug on the machines that kept him anotomy functioning, allowing him to pass away. However, Paul Hawkes' wishes were much more helpful than that. Hawkes told his family that if he were to die, that his organs be donated to those who truly needed to them keep on living. Paul Hawkes' wish was granted, and his heart is scheduled to help a 25 year-old man in Westchester. Hawkes' lungs are to go to another person, as well as his eyes to help someone see. Colonel William McCardle, the unit's mission support commander, said the following about Paul Hawkes: "Here's one of our own who comes back from Iraq and still helps others through organ donation." As said before, Paul Hawkes is even helping people after death. The incident occured at a bar where Paul Hawkes was merely celebrating a St. Patrick's Day party with friends. There was a designated driver, however that did not matter since Paul Hawes' body was carried away in an ambulance after he fell down a flight of stairs, which left Sgt. Paul Hawkes brain-dead. Paul Hawkes also served with the Air National Guard 106th Rescue Wing located at Gabreski Airport in Westhampton. His funeral arrangements were to have a full military honors funeral, which was granted and held last Friday at 1:00 PM at the First Congregational Church located in Bay Shore.

--Daryn McKay (July 4, 2010 )
May he rest in peace. He was taken away from us at just the age of 18 from a car accident.

3 grads mom
--ANTICO Frieda (november 7 2007 )
mrs antico was a really nice lady and sweet i am sure she will be missed by all who know her her kids billy (77) paul(76) and annette(80)

Born 7-27-62
--Regina Guagliata (9-05-04)
My sister had a long fight with cancer. She leaves behind two daughters,two grandchildren, her mother and siblings.

Math teacher
--Mr. Trutt

--Dion Sexton (4/5/87)
My brother, my friend. He died with dignity and peace in his heart, and the last relationship he had was finally "the real thing".

--Richard Fasano (4/29/2010)
A wonderful man. You will be missed.

--William Flynn (January 26, 2007)

--Charles Martin Johnson Sr. Johnson (December 25, 1998)
Father of Charles (1978), Mona (1980) and Eva (1989)
--Vera Irene Johnson (July 21, 2010)
Mother of Charles (1978), Mona (1980) and Eva (1989)

--Violet Parderlikes (2001)
We sure do miss you mom.Love always Mona and pete.

--Bernard V. Cavanaugh (May 24 ,1973)
That morning He was Killed by a 16 yr old DWI ,Leaving his wife ,Kenneth ,Barbara,Robert,Grace,Jane,Mary . Another Dad also was lost with a Family too .

President, Board of
--Anthony Felcio

--Gary Mintz (1993)
Will miss you always..

Soccer Coach
--Ray Perez (1994)
To a great Coach who was like a father to me and others who he had coached. You will be always missed. The Vulture Christopher Paladino Class 1991 Coach Perez's first NY State Championship Team 1989

--Elisaura Bischoffberger (09-09-09)
--Max Sparer (1906-1996)

Teacher & Coach
--John Durant (8 May 2001)

Teacher, Phys Ed
--Wade Cummings

Teacher- Phys Ed
--Addie Lee (2006)
--Patricia Michalski (2005)

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