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Brentwood High School Alumni

Glorya Golda Galicki (Gilvary)
Year: (1974)

Updated: 10/29/2011
Last Visit: 6/27/2012

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, NJ  

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Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
Psychic-Medium and Interfaith Minister. Still sing. Sang rock n roll opera, Went to Juilliard studied voice. But rocker chicks have to retire eventually :). Very spiritual Jew though i am an interfaith minister for people of various spiritualities. there are Many paths to G-d!
My family:
Married with children all grown and lovely doggie (our four legged kid)
Life experiences:
Traveling the world, touring as a younger woman. Reconnecting with my spirituality. Living healthy and helping people. I Love England and Scotland. Toured Eastern Europe, got to see my ancestral county Poland. Very blessed to have been afforded these opportunities. I am an advocate for Iraq-Iran and All Vets! Worked with homeless children of NYC and am a Human Rights Advocate believe in equality and justice for all!
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Fabulous teachers: Ruth Fishenfeld, Mr. Foreman, Ken -forgot his name. Jerry Goldschmidt, Shirley Seinfeld or was it Seibert?. All who educated me and gave so much. Never Underestimate the power of a Great Teacher! Teachers are so underrated Should be paid more to deal with us American brats.
My favorite things now:
Psychic, Medium work. Officiating weddings. Ghost hunting. advocating for Veteran's Rights, Animal Rights and Human Rights!
My favorite books, movies and music:
Science Channel, Psy-Fy Classic Literature. Good quality Flicks, Indie Films. I Love period films loathe dumbed own films.. Indie Rock, Classical Bach,MNGT,Sylvia Tosun and all Cello Muisc Love Adele and Muse!
I work at:
Self Employed Psychic-Medium and Writer.
My website:

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