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Jennifer Lanberg (Andersen)
Year: (1991)

Updated: 2/26/2008
Last Visit: 2/26/2008

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7524 Sterling Drive
Fredericksburg, va  22407
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Things I've been doing lately:
After I graduated I went Dowling College on a Softball and Basketball scholarship. Played softball for four years as well as some Tennis. Took a job and then left after four months. I started another job in farmingdale, which I loved and stayed there for about 3 years. I then decided to go back to school for my masters
My family:
Well mom and dad are doing good and living in va. My brother moved down here first, we followed about a year or so later, and then another two years my parents came. I met my husband at my last job and when I finished my mastes we decided to come down to VA so I could get a job.
Life experiences:
My greatest life experiences were playing ball all those years. Being part of a team comraderie. I miss practicing and playing everyday. Now I would have to say that my babies are my greatest life experiences. I would never give them back, even if they made me gain a lot of weight
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Playing sports.
My favorite things now:
Watch my son grow from and infant to a toddler to a little boy. I just love to watch him laugh and giggle and boss people around to dot hings that he wants them to do. I love to listen to how polite he can be, and then he can crack me up 2 minuts later.
My favorite books, movies and music:
I like to read different romance books. As for music, I like whatever is popular and on the radio. I am starting to get attached to some of my sons music that he lik es to get all excited about. so it varies
I work at:
I am currently not working due to my second pregna
My website:

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