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Katy Reese (Reese)
Year: (1958)

Updated: 3/26/2011
Last Visit: 1/15/2015

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Milo, ME  04463

Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
Well after graduation in 58, I worked for a bit for Allstate then got married . I worked for the US Postal Service , the Craft industry, and other things. Went to college at age 50 and had the time of my life. Got my RN license at age 58. Guess I am a late bloomer.
My family:
Back in 61 we had our first baby boy . Georgie is now almost 50. Next was Richard in 65, then came Steve in 71 and finally, I got my girl, Georgia in 73. We now have 9 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. phew!!!! Hey, another great grandchild is on the way.
Life experiences:
I guess the greatest thrill was walking into the auditorium at the University of Maine on graduation day. They play the Maine Stein song . What a thrill that was. Next was recieving my nursing license in the mail. I though I had failed the test. Holding my babies in my arms after being in labor forever was so sweet.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Belonged to chorus and that was fun. We put on several plays that everyone laughed at. That really pissed me off but funny looking back at now. We had a poor history teacher we used to annoy using bobby pins jamed into the seat of our desks. Straighten them out and they strike a musical cord. The whole class used to do this. Great fun at that time. Also, sneaking a smoke in the girls bathroom was fun too. Wish I 'd never started smoking as it was sure hard to quit.
My favorite things now:
Take long walks. I like to garden and grow flowers and veggies too. We enjoy taking bus trips and we also had a motor home that we used for several years. I like to use my computer too. Pleasse feel free to drop me a line at
My favorite books, movies and music:
I like scary books, scary movies too. Rod Stewart sings so sweet. Rock music and I used to live to go dancing. Now I just dance in my livingroom.
I work at:
I work at a prison as a nurse .
My website:

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