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Brentwood High School Alumni

Richard Goepfert
Year: (1975)

Last Visit: 6/25/2006

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122 W. Seneca Turnpike, Apt. 407
Syracuse, NY  13205
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Things I've been doing lately:
Well, after school, I had a varied personal and work experience. Was married once, divorced once. Was in a long term relationship that broke up recently, I moved from Long Island to Syracuse, NY and have a pretty good life here. Not completely satisfied with my present state of affairs, but then again, who is? Presently between jobs as I work seasonally during tax time. Not what my education was in, but you do what you can to make ends meet.
My family:
My two sisters got married and have wonderful families. Most of my relatives still live on Long Island, but some have escaped to Southern areas such as North Carolina and Florida.
Life experiences:
Being part of a corporate diversity group in one job that I had. Got to see a lot of the country and be involved in many different kinds ot things that served to broaden my outlook on life. I have gotten to meet some rather famous people as well. Jimmy Carter, singers Paul Simon and Judy Collins. All very nice people.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Can't say that I did a lot in school. I think my favorite thing was in helping to found the high school radio station.
My favorite things now:
I'm an avid reader. Music and movies have always been a passion of mine. Another thing that I enjoy is good conversation. When the weather is not too hot, a nice walk outdoors is great too.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Let's see. Movies would have to be "2001", "Casablanca", "Field Of Dreams" Music. I love Jimmy Buffett, Beatles, Dylan, Stones. Actually, I like a lot of different things also. Books, I read a lot of biographies and science fiction. I also enjoy the James Bond series.
I work at:
When tax season is in, I work for TurboTax.
My website:

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