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Brentwood High School Alumni

Billy Birdsall
Year: (1975)

Updated: 1/30/2008
Last Visit: 6/22/2008

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7 lake drive
oceanport, nj  07757
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Things I've been doing lately:
well,going all the way back to school would not explain myself or my doings, in my case, life began at 35,when i decided to grow up, put down the 'party', get out of the 'fast lane', and walk with those who joined society long ago.
My family:
after losing my first born son to s.i.d.s., i was blessed with two boys, joey,15, and christian michael,7..i raised a step daughter from the age of 7 who is now 26.jessica, who may as well be my own flesh and blood..
Life experiences:
my life experiences couldnt be contained in a book never mind here, but i think, besides my children, attaining the rank of 'president of the national showmens association', the governing body of the amusement industry,so far has been my greatest 'accomplishment' .
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I work at:
I own,operate,and sell Cafe/Bakeries.
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