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"I'm sure all of you know someone you can get to join in here. After all it's a free site. Classmates got thousands of us to pay and it just crams ads down our throats and asks us for more money. When enough people join in and others visit and see the amount of people we have here they will join in too. This could be a great site. Lets do it."
Cliff   (more)

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You can schedule a chat events for specific times for regular monthly chats or online reunions. If you want to schedule an online reunion for your class or group of class years, send me an email with requested time and date.

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New Members
Belinda Jones (1978)
Jami Guido (Other)
Anthony Gates (Friend)
Jennifer Kopec (1990)
Brian Gallagher (1986)
Donald Walls (Teacher)
Joseph De Palma (1974)
Laure Giannetta (1961)
Linda Woll (1968)

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Recent Visitors
Belinda Jones (1978)
Jennifer Coffey (1990)
Ken Manfredi (1967)
Jami Guido (Other)
Kathleen Maier (1964)
Donald Walls (Teacher)
Anthony Gates (Friend)
Steve Rochester (Teacher)
Jennifer Kopec (1990)
Brian Gallagher (1986)